For me, it was 1988 (FM version 3, I think?) on a Sun 3/50 (the one where the 
B/W monitor was physically attached to the top of the computer chassis pizza 

Peter, the first Windows version was FM 4, I think ... I beta tested it for 
Frame Technology then. Came on floppy disks (I think I still have them around 
here somewhere)!

Side-bar for those who remember the competition: when you ran spell-check in FM 
3, it would correct the word "Interleaf" to "FrameMaker". :)


Robert Lauriston said:
I believe the first time I used FrameMaker it was version 2.0 on a Next cube.

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 2:53 PM Peter Gold <> wrote:
> Some of us are old enough to remember using Escape-key sequences with 
> FM 3 on Unix, Mac, and Windows. Do we win anything other than being 
> grateful that our memories are still functioning? BOOM! ;)

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