Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Alexander Limi wrote:
The portlets also seem to be inefficient both for logged in or not,
but a lot of this time is spent in classic.pt, which we should be able
to eliminate (since we should convert all the portlets to new-style
portlets before shipping the release). I'm not sure if column.pt
wraps/includes the classic.pt time.
Not sure how many portlets are still "classic", I saw that Hanno was
working on the calendar portlet.

And while I was on it, I converted the last remaining classic portlets
as well, so the calls to classic.pt are gone now.

Great Hanno, thank you very much!

My simple benchmark shows a boost in performance from 4.0 requests/sec
to 5.2 requests/sec for a newly created site, which is now finally a tad
bit faster then the Plone 2.5 branch.

Wasn't it 6 requests/sec before?

Could you re-run your test suite, to give us some updated in-depth numbers?

Please do, limi!


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