Alexander Limi schrieb:
Framework Team,

Any objections on including this in 3.0?

It's something we wanted in 2.1 back in the day, but since none of us knew how GRUF worked or would interact with it, we ended up not doing it to make sure.

Having a simple URL for the login form is especially important for sites that don't expose the login link (which is the use case for most websites running Plone as opposed to the community sites).

having a script called 'login' redirect to the login_form
(so basically an alias) should be safe irrespective of the
underlying parts (GRUF/PAS/...).

The only potential issue I would pay attention to is to
make sure the "back-to-where-you-came-from" feature
works (think of a 'you need to log in in order to add
a comment' button somewhere deep in the site and after
loging in you need to find that again ...)

AFAICT all we need for this is to make sure we don't
redirect to '/login_form' but something like

  "%s/login_form" % context.absolute_url()


--Alexander Limi ยท

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