Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Florian Schulze wrote:

I also think we should avoid the context switch to the ZMI. We were advocating this all the time. I think we should have a site configuration like we have now and another one for advanced stuff.

Having two control panels feels bad to me. A 'advanced management'
permission which controls access to the advanced options feels nicer.

There is a general developer mis-conception that Plone's not *too bad at* but sometimes we all do it: More options == better.

"More options" is often just a cop-out of making real usability and functionality decisions. As a user of a system, I want something that's opinionated, that's been thought through to work as a cohesive whole, not something that I could potentially twiddle into something that worked the way I wanted. Even if that sometimes means there are details I disagree with.

Of course, this is all too high level to make for a meaningful guideline or even discussion point, but I think we should keep in mind that sometimes the best configuration option is no option at all.

Other times, "more options" is just a way of saying "bad UI". Compare the old and the sharing page, for example. A horrid form full of things into a nice table.


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