Wichert Akkerman wrote:

I've implemented this change and updated the review buildout.


Thanks Wichert!

I just added my (final?) comments to the bundle:


Raphael 2008-01-17:

 Reviewed the buildout on Linux/Ubuntu-7.10 doing:

 (i) TTW exploration

 (ii) running the tests for GS and QI

 (iii) used the new dependency feature on a set of own products

 (iv) browsed through the code (changes) of GS and QI

No breakage or glitches of any kind noticed. Works as advertized.
Code looks clean and solid. Nothing to add from my side.


  (i) I didn't find specific (unit) tests for the new feature
      (e.g., installing ProductOne results in ProductTwo being
      installed; BrokenProduct being found as non-installable)
      Should be trivial to add given what's there already.
      (maybe I'm blind?)

  (ii) On merge/release we should probably document the new feature
       on plone.org, e.g., using a how-to in the docs section and
       link there from the ChangeLog/HISTORY as well as from the
       release notes.

Overall judgement:

 +1   ready to be merged
      (but I wouldn't mind seeing the tests mentioned above)



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