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The last item concerned future meetings.  When should we do this
meeting in the future?  Every other week or every third work?
Thursday?  Friday?  Would all of the FWT members weigh in with both
preferences and outright scheduling conflicts for future meetings.
Then we can reconcile that information and schedule a regular meeting.

I prefer any day in the middle of the week, Tues-Thurs, since I'm much
more likely to have to miss meetings on Fridays or Mondays.  calvinhp
also raised a good point that people doing their 10% Plone on Fridays
could use a Thursday meeting to inform their work on Friday. Similarly,
I think later in the week is better than earlier in the week, such as
Tuesday or Wednesday, because it can help inform work done over the

My only preference for time is that it be after 10AM Pacific time.  :)

Mr. Wilkes, can you post the link to that scheduling software that you mentioned on the call? We can setup a mock week and basically vote on which days/times work best.


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