Eric Steele wrote:

I have little to add to what Hanno and Martin have stated so well here. To me, what shortcomings the Trac-based approach may have are trivial enough for me to largely overlook and can be covered through some further integration work by the team and/or better documentation of the process. I've been getting a sense of frustration from new folks we've let into the system looking to help but are getting shot down with "that's a feature request". While that may be the case, I really don't want to see these potential contributors feeling dismissed. Can we come up with some strong documentation on where the leap from feature request to PLIP lies?


We've long lacked a process for average Plone users to make feature requests. But no longer! :-)

I hope I've managed to document feature request vs. PLIP reasonably well now at:

Please feel free to suggest any ways to make this clearer, or to adapt anything from there onto the wiki space as needed.


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