A few more points:


The current AccessControl security model has served us well. While
some simplification may be possible by dropping unused legacy
features, no major changes to functionality should be expected.
Porting to Python 3 will be the obvious time to make any


While it is unfamiliar to new developers, building on top of ZODB is
hugely beneficial to Plone. Semi-structured content management data
just doesn't map well to relational databases. That said, by reducing
our expectations on content types, it should become easier for add ons
to integrate relational database backed content into Plone.

Portlets and Viewlets

Portlets and viewlets are powerful concepts but they have proved a
difficult stumbling block for new developers. The Deco project is
working increased layout flexibility for content editors. It also
makes it much easier to create dynamic page fragments in the form of
'tiles'. These will replace portlets and most current uses of

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