Francois Miron and Matthias Mueller both have 35mm works.

Ken B.

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> Following the Tscherkassky suggestion, I'd also throw Richard Kerr's
> "collage d'hollywood" into the mix.  It's made up of recycled Hollywood film
> trailers, and is distributed by CFMDC.
> And in case it hasn't already been mentioned, Joshua Bonnetta's "Long
> Shadows" is a really nice film and is now available from CFMDC, with
> soundtrack on vinyl.
> - Brett
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> Brett Kashmere
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>> I have to admit to not having read each email in this thread closely, but
>> even if it has been mentioned before, it's worth mentioning again:
>> Gerard Holthuis's HKG (beautiful hi-con B&W airplanes over Hong Kong)
>> Also, I know you mentioned Tscherkassky's Coming Attractions in your
>> original email, but I'd push the whole Cinemascope Trilogy (L'arrivée, Outer
>> Space, and Dream Work) over that one.  And Chris mentions Martha Colburn's
>> Cosmetic Emergency; we showed her Triumph of the Wild at FLEX this year, and
>> something about seeing it projected gigantic really really made it jump off
>> the screen (in a good way).
>> There's a lot of great exp. work on 35mm though, so I don't know how you'd
>> squeeze it all into just one program!
>> Good luck,
>> Roger

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