Hello Frameworkers:

Kennth Anger here. I recently took an extended trip to the Astral Plane to 
visit my dear friend Aleistair, but on my attempt to return to my corporeal 
body, I discovered that someone had stolen my macick sceptre and the bottle of 
Black Host needed for my ceremonial reawakening. I need your help to return to 
Earth. This is more than a matter of seeking your Luciferian grace on my 
personal account. I appeal to you in the name of The Cinema. I have been truly 
inspired on my latest astral travels, and I feel that a flood of new 
masterworks shall flow from my Steenbeck. Yes, that's right, they will all be 
made with the true magick of film, not that digital hocus pocus. And I'm 
talking about genuinely inspired pieces, not just documentation footage of 
exhibitions passed of as 'Films by Anger.' I realize some of you may be 
suspicious, but do note that am NOT in Nigeria, and i would never pull any kind 
of sham, scam or masquerade on my true devotees. So, send as much cash as you 
can in brown envelopes (no checks, credit cards, or PayPal) to this address:

David Tetzlaff
7 Sycamore Road
Niantic, CT 06357

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And know that I'll put in a good word for you 
with You Know Who.



"What fools these mortals be!"
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