Dearest Brett:

I can't sign anything right now, as my spirit is completely disengaged from 
corporeal body. I would be happy to sign something on my return, but alas, 
unless my minions collect enough money to construct the proper Orgone generator 
and fire it into my brain my return is hardly a sure thing, and I would NEVER 
want to make a promise I cannot keep.

As for questions... What is life without them? I deplore the profane world of 
the merely commercial, but to use the word merely as metaphor, as a magickian I 
am in the question business, not the answer business. You'll probably ask me 
something like, 'didn't I think it was a little over the line to use a score 
created by a convicted murderer and Manson family member for Lucifer Rising' 
and I'll juts say it's beautiful music and I'm not in the thinking business, or 
one to make moral judgements of art, or something like that. 

So, as far as your research goes, just make up whatever you want, whatever you 
think I'd say, and it will probably be a better answer that what I would say 

Australia is awfully far away, and I don't know if your money works in America. 
So instead of sending cash, maybe you could just send a bottle of cologne? Just 
make sure it's in a brown wrapper, no return address, no fingerprints, etc.



> Hi David / Kenneth,
> Saw your ad on frameworks. I would be willing to send some money  
> through, but would it be possible to get a signed photo or something  
> from Ken in return? Even better, would it be possible to ask Kenneth a  
> few questions?
> I am a scholar at the University of Sydney, Australia and I am  
> researching the history and influence of the occult in and on  
> Hollywood. If Kenneth would be interested in answering some questions  
> regarding Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Charles Manson and Forry  
> Ackerman, I would be happy to renumerate him for his time.
> Let me know what you think.
> thanks.
> Regards,
> Brett
> Brett Garten
> 62 Cowper St
> Glebe NSW 2037
> Australia
> 0433 436 787

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