My computer's gay and stupid and I hate it even more than I hate myself.  Btw does anyone have angel dust?
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My computer isn't gay, but it/she/v/he IS transitioning genders, which makes it hard for her/shim/him to know what public bathroom to use day to day. That's so trans.


Abigail Severance

Los Angeles

On Aug 22, 2012, at 9:00 AM, graeme hogg wrote:

Yeah, the computers that control Optical Printers, they're pretty gay
aren't they.


Sounds like a very interesting project and I commend you for working on
16mm but curious what's "gay" about using a computer? Sounds like
something quite negative since its something you refuse to do?

I've just never heard someone refer to using computers as "gay".

I personally love 16mm and have made several films in that format. I can
also see why computers can be so detesting to celluloid lovers but have
a hard time understanding why that term was used.

It would sound pretty bad if someone said "I refuse to do this on a
computer because that's so girly or sissy or that's so black". That
would sound pretty sexist or racist, no?

I just wanted to leave you with some food for thought.


On Aug 22, 2012, at 2:04 AM, wrote:

Hey just wanted to get some advice for doing some very complicated
special FX on 16mm film.  I am going to be making a space pirates
claymation film in the near future and I want to do some very
complicated optical printing and rotoscoping FX shots.  I know that CRI
film stock no longer exists but i am going to be filming model
spaceships in front of a black or bluescreen and I want to know what is
the best way to go about this without getting any generation loss on my
film.  I will have to combine many layers of film on an optical printer
and then I will also have to rotoscope in lazer beams and stuff like
that so how would I go about that without making my FX shots look super
grainy?  I refuse to do this on a computer because thats gay so any
advice would be much appreciated.  I think i will be doin this all in
the bay area so anyone who wants to help out should do so because its
going to take a lot of work and I think it could be really sick if we
do it right.  If none of this is possible then I am going to quit
filmmaking and cut my lines so tell me what I got to do so I can make
this movie great.
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