Just to add a few to Mark's list below, Bruce Conner's "A Movie" is also, of 
course, filled with "inappropriate" leader ("End of Part IV," if memory serves, 
comes very early in the film).

Also, I imagine you've come across this, but since it wasn't in your list, Owen 
Land/George Landow's "Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket 
Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc." is nothing but a short stretch of leader featuring 
a China girl.


On Sep 9, 2012, at 1:55 PM, Mark Toscano wrote:

I had thought the initial request was not just about leader in general, but had 
some more specific focus, but maybe I misunderstood.  Here are some more films 
that deal with leader as a foregrounded subject or device of sorts:

"Leader", "Cross Cut - A Blue Movie" and "Red Stockings" by Robert Huot
"Colorfilm" by Standish Lawder
"Report" and "Ten Second Film" by Bruce Conner
"Standard Gauge" and "Cue Rolls" by Morgan Fisher

Plenty of filmmakers have used bits of leaders here and there in there films as 
formal devices, or for some other effect.  Pat O'Neill has a bit in some of his 
films, like Runs Good.  Brakhage did it a ton, but not really for a 
leader-as-leader effect, rather he used clear and color leaders for their 
specific color properties.  Scenes From Under Childhood is loaded with colored 
plastic leader.  Robert Nelson did it a lot, but no one of his films really 
focuses on leader itself as the subject.  I'd probably say leaders have their 
most significant use in his film Suite California Stops & Passes Part 1.

"Girls on Film" by Julie and Karin is also a 35mm short film, deriving from the 
photo exhibit they created.

Genevieve Yue has been researching china girls, and has put together a program 
of china girl related films at Anthology for sometime this Fall.  I could list 
some of them, but you'd have a more definitive list when her program is 
printed, presumably soon.

Mark Toscano

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Hi folks,

A few months back I posted a request for references to makers working
with, and writers writing about, film leaders. I got a few replies,
and have also followed up on some of my own leads. Anyway, here's what
I've got so far; paltry I know, but there ya go. (Thanks to Ken for
the reminder.)



- Technical writing

'Your Film and The Lab'
L.Bernard Happe. Focal Press 'Media Manual' series

- Films

'At the Academy' (1974) Guy Sherwin

'Rohfilm' (1968) Birgit and Wilhelm Hein

'Material Film' (1976, 35min) Birgit and Wilhelm Hein

'Lost Leaders #1' (2012, 50secs) Matt Soar and Jackie Gallant

'Unstable Grounds' (2011, 7' 30") Alexandra Navratil

- On china girls

Roth, Lorna (2009) 'Looking at Shirley, the Ultimate Norm: Colour
Balance, Image Technologies, and Cognitive Equity' Canadian Journal of
Communication 34(1).

Girls on Film (Harvard U, 2005) curated by Karin Segal and Julie Buck

Doane, Mary Ann (2011). 'Screening the Avant-Garde Face'. In Judith
Butler and Elizabeth Weed (Eds.) Questions of Gender. Indiana U Press.

Matt Soar

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