My advice is to abandon FCP entirely. This is the rational response due to the fact that Apple has essentially abandoned the educational and professional markets. Nowadays for a decent OS X system you have to drop nearly $4000, not including software. Take a look at their alleged educational discounts, it's a joke. And the whole FCP X debacle caused many users to switch to Premiere.

Premiere used to suck, but that was ten years ago. Now it's totally viable, and I would recommend going that route. It's not perfect, but it's far better than FCP X. Plus, it's cross-platform, if you're into that sort of thing. Please don't flame me because I alluded to Windows. ;)


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Dear Frameworks,

This isn't strictly an experimental film query, but I know many people who teach read this listerve. My department has delayed for years the decision about what to do about the transition away from teaching Final Cut Pro 7, and result has been increasingly chaotic and unsustainable (we've developed a messy do-whatever-you-want solution where individual faculty members choose which editing platform to teach, so some of our students only know FCPX, some are still using FCP7, a handful are learning Premiere on their own, and it's all a bit of a mess). I'd love to hear from as many instructors as possible about what your program has done about teaching editing post-FCP7, how you reached your decision, what your reasons were for teaching or not teaching FCPX, and how things have been working out.

Please reply off-list if it seems more appropriate: this may or not be a public discussion topic of interest to others and is maybe a bit off-Frameworks-topic but it would be very helpful for me to compile some information about what others are doing.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.



Irene Lusztig
Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
University of California, Santa Cruz

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