Perhaps you haven’t seen these films and don’t realize they also depict leisure.

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The original request was :LABOR AND LEISURE TOGETHER."
Not just "labor"

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If we could think about domestic labor, there¹s a whole lot of other films,
many by women, to consider:

Chantal Akerman, Jeanne Dielman 23 quai de
Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, SCHMEERGUNTZ
Carikee Schneenman,
Kitch¹s Last Meal
Lizzie Borden, Working Girls
Michelle Citron, Queer Fest
(interactive media)
Marjorie Keller, Misconcneption (and many other films by
Joyce Weiland, Water Sark
Chick Strand, Fake Fruit
Laura Kipnis, Ecstasy

and all birth films, even those made by men like Water Window Baby
Moving, contain representations of women¹s labor/women in labor

and many
many more films if we think about women¹s emotional labor in dealing with the
family, or a man


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