I tried to order 2000' on 8/13, it was my first time ordering from Kodak over 
the phone and wasn't given an order number (normally I go to their office here 
in NYC). I'd spent an hour on the phone the salesperson while they made several 
other calls to confirm any stock or future production runs/if they would even 
take orders. Tried to follow up earlier this week and was sternly told I never 
placed an order. I am extremely frustrated by this. If anyone is willing to 
sell me a can or two please contact me off-list.

Many thanks,

On Sep 30, 2014, at 13:54, Scott Dorsey <klu...@panix.com> wrote:

ST-8 is very close to Kodak's 2378, it's pretty fast, polyester, short pitch.

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