hello all,

i am looking for reference titles that fall within the genre of films made
on unfinished films/films coming apart/film that is being shot or in
prodcution. the film we are watching is actually about the makers who are
playing themselves but are also characters in the film. the film that they
are putting together could be just fragments of a scene being shot or a
location recce being planned and need not be a conclusive/meaningful film
in itself. the film that is being made acts as the bridge to enter the
world of the criss-crossing destinies, interesting back-stories and
character detail of the film-makers who are playing themselves on and off
camera and who have been brought together because of the film. the lines
between docu and fiction are blurred so to speak and the director is
exploring the on and off camera dynamics between characters and situations.
some of the titles we have in mind are :

through the olive trees - abbas kiarostami

salaam cinema - mohsen makhmalbaf

contempt - j-l godard (although this one has a very different outcome, the
film within a film and the characters are consistent with the reference
titles we are trying to source)

mary - abel ferrera

a cock and bull story - michael winterbottom

thank you for your time and effort to read through this notice. looking
forward to getting some responses!

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