Thank you, Pip, for the quick response!

No, I haven't seen or heard of the existence of Ruttmann's hand-painted
prints... Do you know where they are archived or where/how I might have a
chance to see them?

Also, aside from the bleed, can you tell me how similar these digital
versions are to the original?

Thanks so much!

2015-01-31 17:24 GMT-05:00 Pip Chodorov <>:

> Some original hand-painted prints of Opus 1 were preserved, and 16mm
> prints from these are still in circulation today.
> When you see the 16mm prints projected you can see the hand-painted color
> bleed beyond the edges of the white shapes (unlike in those youtube
> videos). Later Moritz himself provided new color restorations of Opus 1
> and/or Ballet Mecanique, but I always prefered the unrestored versions.
> Have you not seen the prints projected?
> Pip Chodorov
> At 17:08 -0500 31/01/15, Laura Trager wrote:
>> Any leads you might have regarding the use and preservation of color in
>> Ruttmann's films or in early abstract films in general will be greatly
>> appreciated.
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