I don't know where the hand painted originals are or if any exist at all.
There must be an internegative at the Eye Institute (Amsterdam) because I think the 16mm print originally in circulation in Paris came from the Dutch Filmmuseum in the 1980s. New prints come from CVM and were supervised by Moritz but I don't remember the exact source of the older prints.
(I may be confusing with Ballet Mecanique because Moritz also restored that.)

We released a VHS in 1998 called "Dancing Images" with a Dutch company and we included Opus. We got the rights from Ruttman's daughter Eva Riehl and I made a Beta master from one of those original prints. Write me off-list if you are interested in obtaining a digital file transfer from the beta at cost.


At 17:29 -0500 31/01/15, Laura Trager wrote:
No, I haven't seen or heard of the existence of Ruttmann's hand-painted prints... Do you know where they are archived or where/how I might have a chance to see them? Also, aside from the bleed, can you tell me how similar these digital versions are to the original?
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