Jen you have no clue why those people were told to fuck off ?? try in
future to parse information please

Is it dificult to understand ethics violations or you just dont even bother
to consider ethics at all because you "comfortably" had a fucking cup of
tea this morning with goddamn sugar and cream in it and woman can do
whatever the fuck they want if they are western

Your little whiny western school children maybe should be shown footage of
monks self immulating in order to get a clue and maybe you yourself should
look at some war footage of what your precious west has done to vietnam or
iraqi men woman children plants animals art books world heritage sites and
consider ethics for 2 fucking seconds of your blip of a life

The unconsciousness of babbling support of a whiny western priviledged fuck
is repulsive
On Apr 1, 2015 6:39 AM, "Jen Proctor" <> wrote:

> I think Sasha knows the spirit of her comments is supported both on and
> off this list, but I wanted to openly add my voice to the chorus of
> supporters.
> And I say this as someone who counts Wavelength among my very favorite
> films, and who has shown it to students with all the passion, fervor, and
> sense of curiosity I can muster, and who still has had students say they
> wanted to set themselves on fire watching it. :/
> P.S. I have pre-emptively told myself to heartily fuck off.
> On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 8:08 AM, Jason Halprin <> wrote:
>> Tim - You can (and should)! Just set up a filter to have emails from
>> anyone you'd rather not hear from sent directly to your trash. Problem
>> solved, listserv members reduced by one. Separates the good stuff from the
>> vitrol.
>> Sasha - as a long-time member of this list, and more importantly, and
>> artist and a teacher, I whole-heartedly support your response in this
>> thread. It is one thing to offer a disagreement over the merits of
>> presenting one work or another in a class, as well as to offer different
>> strategies that have been successful in the past when presenting this work,
>> but someone who seems to not know you personally did exactly what you
>> named: attacked your ability as a teacher, and dictated your responsibility
>> to your students. You have every right to respond directly, and publicly,
>> to this criticism, not matter who it's coming from (though you don't need
>> me, or anyone else to tell you that). I find it shameful that your response
>> has been made out to be the cause of the return to flameworks.
>> Jason Halprin
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