When I first walked into the Sherman Grinberg Film Library in the old Film 
Center Building at 630 9th Avenue in the fall of 1983, I was quite surprised 
when I was introduced to Andrew Noren, one of the librarians in that strange 
place. I couldn't quite put together my emerging life as a business-focused 
archival film researcher with my past watching ag/experimental films under 
semi-utopian conditions in California, but Andrew confirmed that he was indeed 
the filmmaker whose work had left such a strong impression before going into 
the vaults to pick out a few cans of nitrate neg for me to put on the Moviola 
flatbed. I recall that he pulled the Paramount newsreel neg for me showing 
Fiorello LaGuardia reading the comics over the radio during the 1945 newspaper 
strike. In retrospect I can see how working with nitrate in his day job may 
have influenced his sensibility.


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