Hi Sasha,
Thanks for posting about that.
Nicolas describes here how to make one:
It runs at 18fps and the camera is a FireWire camera. There is no lens or ground glass - the camera is focused on the film surface. It uses a contact on the flywheel to ensure capturing one video frame for every film frame. There are some steps to follow after capturing to create the QT file, and if you are working from color negative then there is a whole process to create a batch file for photoshop to run each frame through black magic and flip the colors. That's all described here: http://www.filmlabs.org/index.php/technical-tips/invertcolorneg/

At 23:31 -0500 12/11/15, Sasha Janerus wrote:
Don't think I've waded in on this, but forgive the redundancy if I have. Nicolas Rey has a setup at L'Abominable folks might be interested in, either in part or whole. Instead of a JK he uses a consumer projector--I think a variable speed running at something like 4 or 6 fps. On the other end is an industrial still camera triggered by a light sensor--maybe just an LED--at each light burst. Probably some ground glass in between. >From my understanding the quality's comparable to a JK setup, since it's grabbing stills of each frame, but runs considerably faster. I might have some specs I could dredge up but they're probably in French and dated, and I imagine interested parties would do best to contact the man directly.

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