I went through a pretty big search for something similar last year, and it's 
harder than you would think.  most of them to have at least a black screen if 
not a reloading symbol between each loop.

here are the results from my search:

1)  the Lacie LaCinema media player can do it, but it has been discontinued and 
is hard to find.

2)  there is a woman in france who can write a hack for a firmware update that 
can remove the little orange circle "reloading" symbol from the WD live media 
I forget how much she charges for the hack, but I don't think it was much... 

3)  a lot of people were using media players that were specifically designed 
for haunted houses in the US (go figure! who knew! apparently haunted houses 
are a big commercial industry there, and there are media players designed just 
for those that don't have the looping symbol)... sorry, I can't find any of my 
reference notes on makes or models though... :-(

4) finally, the easiest solution, that I went with... was I just put my media 
into Quicktime Pro... and copy paste copy pasted loop after loop to make a 10 
hour long video file.  so it only had to play once in the gallery anyway.

hope some of that is helpful, and if you find something, do let us know!


On 2016-02-27, at 2:18 PM, Paul Harrill wrote:

> Hi all,
> I’m looking for recommendations for media players capable of looping video 
> seamlessly for several hours in an installation/gallery environment.
> I’ve been trying out this Micca Speck G2 player, but it has been freezing up 
> after 50 minutes or so:
> http://www.amazon.com/Micca-Full-HD-Portable-Digital-Player/dp/B008NO9RRM
> I need it to be able to run as long as 10 hours, continuously. Does anyone 
> have any ideas? I’ll need three, so something affordable would be awesome. 
> Thanks,
> Paul
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