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> You can use MPEG streamclip which is open source free software, to transcode 
> your finished files into h.264 mp4…. 

I never like Streamclip.  You can use Resolve 12 (the free version) to 
transcode to a lot of different formats, as well as do serious color 
correction, reframing, stabilization, editing, and much more.  The paid version 
adds a few features like the ability to output at resolutions greater than UHD, 
and temporal noise reduction, but for most users the free version is fine.  Mac 
or PC.  It does require a decent GPU card if you are doing serious stuff.  It’s 
pretty deep, but not that difficult to get started with.  You can do stuff with 
various windows and nodes if you’d like.  You can grade with curves, which is 
fast and powerful.  

They are constantly upgrading it and fixing it.  If you have the paid version 
there’s no charge for upgrades.

I use it a lot, mostly on a PC with 2 Titan X GPU cards, but it is fine on 
lesser machines.  Supports just about any format you can think of.  Good 
manual, and made better by the fact you rarely need to use it.



Jeff Kreines

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