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Fresh cement is critical.

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Hello Frameworkers,

I have a 16mm hot splicer (Maier-Hancock, like this one on 
YouTube<>) that I got for free many 
years ago and never used.  Now, I need to cement splice some of my negative 
together for a digitizing session.  I am not sure whether my splicer is working 
correctly.  How hot will it get before it is ready to splice?  Mine heats up 
but doesn't get very hot and in my first attempts at splicing it didn't work.  
This could be because it the splicer isn't hot enough or due to my lack of 
experience.  There are several splicers on eBay and I don't mind purchasing 
another if I need to.  Does anyone in the Seattle area have one they would let 
me use?

As always, many thanks for your help.

Caryn Cline
Experimental Filmmaker & Teacher<>

film still from "Hand-made" (2016)

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