Dear Francisco,
I don't know a lot about film.  My field is original prints.  Granted, most 
people spend little time looking at art and the big disunion is money, but 
there are still a lot of people in my field at least who know prints, love 
prints, and fully understand that market value has nothing to do with the 
quality of the art. I believe that there is a segment in all artistic fields of 
people who appreciate the work.  You just have to be with the right people. 
Don't get discouraged. Kit

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This discussion made me think about the place of art in our current cultural 
climate , how, in the last fifteen years or so, there seems there is no more 
space for art as art . Art has become something of a curiosity item or , at 
best, a conversation piece whose only value is monetary. Just pay attention 
about the way most people who walk into gallery pay attention to the work being 
exhibited- they seem to to be more interested in the produce they browse 
through at the supermarket.  It was something that did not happen overnight, it 
was breeding for a long time but now it is  all around us and there is not much 
to be done about it. The few people who know about  artists  like Frank do so 
through the media coverage of their work and must often such coverage 
emphasizes how important their work  is because of the money their work 
commands in the market place. This 2015 piece on Frank in the NY Times is very 
typical of that -

If you read the entire piece you will see that in the end everything is about 
the money, isnt it?
Oh well. 

2017-05-27 15:16 GMT-04:00 christopher nigel <>:

Ok thank you ,

On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 8:26 PM, Francisco Torres <> wrote:

Thanks! I thought of those children's books.... :)

2017-05-27 11:52 GMT-04:00 Adam Hyman <>:

A short-term space/installation.  
Say, an empty storefront gets found/used by an organization for a month only.  
It’s a “pop-up"

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i just realized that i have no idea what ''a pop up presentation'' is..... oh 

2017-05-27 6:52 GMT-04:00 Francisco Torres <>:

Art Institute of Chicago, Bucksbaum Gallery 188 
111 South Michigan Ave., Chicago 

may 11-26

''This exhibition dedicated to Frank opens with a special pop-up presentation, 
conceived by the photographer and his longtime publisher Gerhard Steidl. The 
two-week-only display includes 29 photographs by Frank, drawn from the museum’s 
latest acquisition of the artist’s work, his 2014 book Partida. A compact 
retrospective surrounds it, featuring reproductions on newsprint banners tacked 
to the wall, films shown on portable video “beamers” and projected on 
newsprint, and books hung in midair across the gallery. On May 26, the pop-up 
elements will be replaced by Robert Frank originals.''

2017-05-27 5:54 GMT-04:00 christopher nigel <>:

Hi which gallery was this ?

On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 8:29 AM, Chuck Kleinhans <> 

> On May 26, 2017, at 3:23 PM, Bernard Roddy <> wrote:
> Yesterday I passed through a small gallery filled with Robert Frank pictures. 
>  Lined up along a 12 or 15 ft wall were projections about 11 x 17 in. of 6 or 
> 7 films.  This is gallery exhibition: I saw all Franks films in under a 
> minute.

I don’t quite understand from this description.  Were the “projections” still 
images or moving images?  Were they actually projected (as with slides and 
films or video projection) or were they screened on flat screen monitors?

I assume the gallery was selling the photographs. Was it also selling films? 
(as films, or as videos?)

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