Hi guys,

I think you might be interested to get a perspective on the degree of
use of OSS around the world, at least the way it looks like from Spain.


"The United States, Australia and the Western European countries lead
the development and adoption of open source software."

"In the public sector, Europe has experienced greater penetration."

"In the Pacific region, Australia stands out as one of the countries
with the highest degree of open source software adoption in the world,
thanks to its active communities of OSS developers who participate in
international projects. The universities also play a very important role
in both training qualified ICT personnel and participating in OSS
projects. The Australian business sector spends a significant part of
its R&D budget on OSS projects, which results in the country having a
large subsector of open source software companies within the ICT sector
and in the presence of OSS centres of excellence in the country. This is
accompanied by a policy of support by the government, which has
encouraged the adoption of OSS by the Public Sector."

What? To me, it doesn't feel quite right, but maybe my "basement" is
deep enough to "shield" me from the marvellous extent of OSS in the
Australian public sector? 
Any additional info you may have specifically on this? The links at page
98 look rather old, are these policies and guides still actual for the
public sector ?



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