On  6 Aug, Bruce Oblander wrote:
> Please excuse my ignorance but here's what my server is doing....unsuccessfully:
>     open a datagram socket with FreeAmp when FreeAmp connects (my server is a 
> client)
>     when stream titles change:
>         send a datagram packet consisting of: "x-audiocast-streamurl: 
>         followed by another datagram packet of: "x-audiocast-streamtitle:
> alsoCouldBeAnything"
> (as far as I can tell from the code, there's one space after the ":" but, even if 
>there were
> two or three
> spaces, that wouldn't disrupt FreeAmp's parsing of the packet)

You're doing RTP streaming, right? Unicast or multicast? I would guess
that the port setup is getting screwed up somewhere...

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