Well, it really looks like volume is always reset to zero!
(When starting to play,changing song, etc). 
I do win98, as usually...

I offer this here patch for
== cut ==
>    if(!m_iLastVolume) m_iLastVolume=GetVolume();
<    waveOutSetVolume(m_hwo, 
<             MAKELPARAM( 0xFFFF*m_iLastVolume/100,  
<                         0xFFFF*m_iLastVolume/100));
>    SetVolume(m_iLastVolume);
== cut ==

This seems to fix the symptoms (well, I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing
right thing, but this seems to do the trick...)
Please, verify.

But then there is another problem:

void SoundCardPMO::SetVolume(int32 volume) 
   // When we begin playing the volume does not get set properly.
   // In order to work around that, we'll save the last volume
   // settting and then set the volume on the stream after we open
   // the stream in init.
   waveOutSetVolume(   (HWAVEOUT)WAVE_MAPPER, 
                        MAKELPARAM( 0xFFFF*volume/100,  
   m_iLastVolume = volume;

int32 SoundCardPMO::GetVolume() 
    int32 volume = 0;

    waveOutGetVolume((HWAVEOUT)WAVE_MAPPER, (DWORD*)&volume);
(!)    volume = (int32)(100 * ((float)LOWORD(volume)/(float)0xffff));

    return volume;

These volume (slowly) deteriorates when calling these two.
I think it is because marked (!) line makes it lose precision and decrease.

I can't think of a way how to stop that, currently - maybe you can do it
Valters "WaTT" Vingolds

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