You can download a packaged up beta of FreeAmp at:

This release is windows only due Isaac's Linux machine blowing up today.
OK it did not really explode but it won't boot so the linux release will
be delayed until he can make a boot disk and figure out what happened.
If you want to download the latest source and check it out anyway feel
free to do so:

cvs get -r release-2-0-0-b1-win32 will grab the source i built tonight.

There are still some rough spots and we have not finalized the GUI yet
but we wanted to get people banging on it since we do not have a real QA
dept. for FreeAmp. Please submit bugs to Bugzilla. There is a new
version entry for this beta and all the components should be in there:

feel free to ask questions and let us know your thoughts and opinions.


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