>> * when i first selected my MP3, it scroll the filename across the window,
>> subsequent times it actually displayed the correct title there.  Did it
>> load the title on the initial load?

>Could you be more specific on this one? What steps did you take to make
>this happen?

Here goes...  Try to be as specific as possible:

1. Open freeamp 2.0 beta
2. Click My music, dialog comes up
3. Get msg about I don't have any items in my database, click "no"
4. Click Add, then i select "Dan Swano - Uncreation.mp3", though i think any
with the ID3 tags will work
5. Selection is added, artis is shown as "Dan Swano", album "Moontower", but
the length is marked as "0", but actually the song is 05:41 in length
6. Click "Close" to close the dialog
7. Press play, let the song play all the way through
8. Notice while its playing its using the path to the MP3 (in my case,
"d:\music\mp3\metal\dan swano - uncreation.mp3"), not the ID3 name
9. Now press play again, its using the ID3 tag this time instead of the file



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