On 19 Oct, Michael Rich wrote:
> * The new UI looks cool, but right off i didn't find a clearly defined
> option to open a MP3 file.  I had to open another window just to select a
> file.  Couldn't this be simplied down to just let them select a single file
> if they want to and auto add to the other dialog?

You have some good feedback that I'd like to address. Could you please
do me a favor and enter these as bug/feature requests into Bugzilla? 

> * buttons do not give feedback (e.g. a depressed state)

The current theme does not have the depressed and mouse over bitmaps --
the next beta should have those.

> * when i first selected my MP3, it scroll the filename across the window,
> subsequent times it actually displayed the correct title there.  Did it not
> load the title on the initial load?

Could you be more specific on this one? What steps did you take to make
this happen?

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