this sounds like the ui is not listening for the INFO_PlaylistItemUpdated event.
Or I am not correctly sending it from the plm.


Michael Rich wrote:

> >> * when i first selected my MP3, it scroll the filename across the window,
> >> subsequent times it actually displayed the correct title there.  Did it
> not
> >> load the title on the initial load?
> >Could you be more specific on this one? What steps did you take to make
> >this happen?
> Here goes...  Try to be as specific as possible:
> 1. Open freeamp 2.0 beta
> 2. Click My music, dialog comes up
> 3. Get msg about I don't have any items in my database, click "no"
> 4. Click Add, then i select "Dan Swano - Uncreation.mp3", though i think any
> with the ID3 tags will work
> 5. Selection is added, artis is shown as "Dan Swano", album "Moontower", but
> the length is marked as "0", but actually the song is 05:41 in length
> 6. Click "Close" to close the dialog
> 7. Press play, let the song play all the way through
> 8. Notice while its playing its using the path to the MP3 (in my case,
> "d:\music\mp3\metal\dan swano - uncreation.mp3"), not the ID3 name
> 9. Now press play again, its using the ID3 tag this time instead of the file
> name.
> HTH,
> mike

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