On Mon, Apr 17, 2000 at 12:08:47PM -0700, Mark B. Elrod wrote:
> what about win32? I don't want people to have to go out and find libs.
> elrod

If someone wants to compile and package the id3lib win32 libs in a manner that
will be most useful for windows users, I will gladly make them available for
download at the id3lib site.  There are win32 projects in the source code
distribution (in the prj, libprj, id3com directories) that compile using MS
Visual C++ 6.0.  However, I only have intermittent access to a windows machine,
and I don't know the best way to package the compiled products for
distribution, or even if the projects are set up in such a way to produce what
is needed.  Any help with the windows side of this is greatly appreciated.


> > On 17 Apr, Scott Haug wrote:
> >
> > > Cool!  Let me know if I can help you in any way.  The id3lib interface isn't a
> > > work of art, but I've kept it pretty much as it was from 3.05a to ease the
> > > transition of those who still might be using it.  The docs are also lacking,
> > > but they're improving.  Also, I'm always open to suggestions, bug reports,
> > > feature requests, and patches that will make this library more stable, faster,
> > > and easier to use.
> >
> > The one request that I have at this point is for you to create an rpm
> > that we can bundle/link from the freeamp page. I'm trying our source
> > distro to keep from ballooning in size so I don't want to include your
> > source in the freeamp distro. I will write the code so that if the
> > id3lib is not found it will degrade gracefully and then we will make
> > sure that people know where to find the rpm/source dists that they need
> > for id3v2 support.
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