> Groan.
Yep :(. The real solution will probably be to add a new check box to toggle
between using the extra \r or not, as a fix for bad proxies.

> That is the part I don't get. When freeamp crashes on me, it
> is before the stream gets downloaded. I have a little network
> monitor applet that tells me how much data is moving over the
> network interface, and it shows 0 Kbits. Freeamp just hoses around
> for a bit and then core dumps.

Hmm. Does this happen with every stream, or only particular ones? Also, how
are you accessing the stream? Are you selecting one of the streams from the
My Streams listing, or are you selecting file and typing in the stream name

> This only seems to happen when I try to stream something
> from the GUI. If I just pass a URL as the first command
> line argument, then everything works as you would expect.
> That is why I think this has nothing to do with the stream.
Very possibly.

-Sean Ward


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