On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Sean Ward wrote:

> > That is the part I don't get. When freeamp crashes on me, it
> > is before the stream gets downloaded. I have a little network
> > monitor applet that tells me how much data is moving over the
> > network interface, and it shows 0 Kbits. Freeamp just hoses around
> > for a bit and then core dumps.
> Hmm. Does this happen with every stream, or only particular ones? Also, how
> are you accessing the stream? Are you selecting one of the streams from the
> My Streams listing, or are you selecting file and typing in the stream name
> there?

Every one. I have yet to be able to play a HTTP stream that I
opened in the GUI. If I pass a URL on the command line it works
just fine, which is the really strange part.

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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