but not happy with that, is very big, I dont have a clear idea about how to do those..
Can you make the current harbour available for download?
Not at the moment, those were crappy, no texturing, really big anyway.

BTW; do you know freecol.sf.net, it's a GPL remake of Colonization
(unfortunately written in Java), but their harbour graphics look
really nice, maybe you can find some inspiration.

Check those, done something,

C+C on these please, no texturing at the moment, probably village1 is
the medium village, and village2 is an idea for Port Royal :)

also found some gpl texture of water, havent tested ..

I use gentoo, but a ebuild seems difficult, since it depends on ogre-0.14.1, and latest ebuild is 0.14.0, but I could try to do that..
I'm not aware of a specific new feature in 0.14.1 that freebooters depends
on? Did you get a broken build when compiling with 0.14.0?
Havent tested, Im on 0.14.1, using gentoo but I just use some overlay
ebuilds to get latest version of ogre, Im looking forward to 0.15,
should be out any moment, they fix some problem with terrainmanager when
loading-unloading terrains (like loadings maps), and more than probably
we hit that. ... Not sure just something I see in forums..

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