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Hi, I am now running 10 HEAD with latest committed KMS patch.
I must admit that I did not update this machine since some time.
I do not use currently suspend and resume on my X220. I use a script
  for the brightness which makes it easy to handle for me.

I am still stuck with:
- add LEN0086 to acpi_ibm
- recompile
- kldload acpi_call
- acpi_call -p '\VBRC' -i n    // n is 0-16

Can you share the script you have made, especially if you were able
to bind hotkeys to it?

The scripts are still available here


I never tried to bind the script to keys. I made some menu items in
blackbox which works for me.
There is a fundamental problem with powerd which stops a notebook to
get better battery life time. powerd does not include the display
brightness and it does not inlcude user activities in its process to
regulate the CPU speed. In addition, the algorithm to find the best
CPU speed gets easily irritated with short bursts of peak
performance requirements.


I do lose about 1-2 hours of battery time as opposed to Windows(I get
7-8 hours there) due to those same bursts of performance, despite
running the adaptive profiles. My main concern is manual control of
brightness though.

You lose only 1-2h? I lose at least 2h.

I have had several tries to make it better but got always held up by
other things.

My last attempts have still been with the Crusoe CPU. They gave the
machine near XP battery times but needed manual interaction. So, I
never published them.


You've swapped the X220 cpu for something? Or a different machine?

I find X does horrible things to battery usage on my X220. Getting into the lowest C state, and disabling ALL of the USB devices helps somewhat, as does setting a lower backlight level at boot (you can make an rc script, or catch the backlight buttons while the bios is still loading).

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