On 04/06/12 00:10, Любомир Григоров wrote:
I am sure, because pressing Mute now lights up the little light besides
muting. Value changes to 1 as well. The rest of the buttons are not
working. Basically I only need volume since I don't use sleep/resume and I
don't care for turning off wifi from a button. But since I set mixer vol
and pcm from console, it would be nice to associate with the buttons. Below
is output (fan speed does change).

dev.acpi_ibm.0.%desc: IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras
dev.acpi_ibm.0.%driver: acpi_ibm
dev.acpi_ibm.0.%location: handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.EC__.HKEY
dev.acpi_ibm.0.%pnpinfo: _HID=LEN0068 _UID=0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.%parent: acpi0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.initialmask: 2060
dev.acpi_ibm.0.availmask: 134217727
dev.acpi_ibm.0.events: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.eventmask: 2060
dev.acpi_ibm.0.hotkey: 1104
dev.acpi_ibm.0.lcd_brightness: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.volume: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.mute: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.thinklight: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.bluetooth: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.wlan: 1
dev.acpi_ibm.0.fan_speed: 2980
dev.acpi_ibm.0.fan_level: 0
dev.acpi_ibm.0.fan: 1

Are you sure acpi_ibm is actually doing the connect? What do you see
for 'sysctl dev.acpi_ibm'? You should see a list of items, many of
which will be '0', even though they should not be. Things like
'fan_speed'. Setting dev.acpi_ibm.0.mute or dev.acpi_ibm.0.thiklight
to '1' should work.

  I think the  hotkeys should default to 2484.
You should be able to do this:

sysctl dev.acpi_ibm.0.eventmask=134217727

then have devd match the incoming "IBM" events and spit them out to console.
Once you know which affect what, you can then create a script to match all of them causing hotkey like actions customized for your machine...

see /etc/devd/asus.conf for an example, but obviously our codes are different and unfortunately I don't have an example nor recent memory. You probably want to get devd to be very verbose and determine what the codes emitted are.

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