Hey Matt, a couple of things, since I am experiencing a different situation

> Yes, it should be possible if your sources are in synchronization with
> Just make the edit and go to /usr/src/sys/modules/acpi/acpi_ibm and type
make && make install
I unloaded, recompiled that part, and rebooted, but I see no change for the
hotkeys. Most still don't work. Only volume mute work, but that worked
before the change. Trying to change the brightness didn't "corrupt" the
fan. Neither from hotkeys, nor from acpi_call

> You'll notice that fan speed becomes something ugly after trying to set
brightness, but everything will work otherwise as far as I have tested.
> I have found that the machine gets quite hot on its own especially with
turbo core on the i7 and heavy usage, even with power tuning.
> Adjusting fan speed could be dangerous, I would certainly keep a close
eye on temperatures during something like buildworld to be sure.
On the other side, my temp now drops below 50C to about 46C. The fan goes
into its lowest spin. I didn't have this before.  At 50C it kicks to next
step, at 60C it kicks to the crazy speed (usually on compile or 720p video).

 P.S. All tests were done from X with Konstantin's patch on 9.0-STABLE with
powerd and no other mods. X220 with i5 2520M, BIOS 1.28, IPS, 9cell batter,
16GB RAM, Intel 1000-N, SSD.

P.S.S. Workaround for fan corruption can be changing the brightness while
it boots, before OS starts, function keys work there. But I don't have the
crazy fan. If by crazy fan you mean not the lowest spin, then I had that
before LEN change as well.

Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)
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