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> On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:43:11PM +0200, Daniele Mazzotti wrote:
> > The error I get anytime I try to switch between terminals is the
> following
> > one " drmDropMaster failed: Unknown error: -22"
> This is okay, if you can't switch back to tty after starting Xorg in KMS
> mode using old syscons driver. There is already work going on with new
> driver, vt. I didn't test it though.
> At least, suspend is works now?

Try adding  kern.vty=vt to /boot/loader.conf. In recent 9-stable,
10-stable, and head kernels, this is all it takes to switch to vt(4). If
you have an older kernel or are running any release, you will need to
rebuild the kernel using the VT configuration. The loader option may have
made 9.3, but I'm not sure. I don't believe vt(4) is available for 8.
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