At 11:01 AM +0200 1999/10/11, Andre Oppermann wrote:

> majordomo is crap it seems, the freebsd mailing lists should switch
> over to ezmlm-idx/qmail... *THAT* works 100% reliable.

        I think we can separate MLA issues from MTA issues.  Myself, I've 
had no problems with Majordomo on the various lists I manage, but I 
confess that on the larger mailing lists I prefer to use tools more 
suited for the jobs (such as Listserv).  MLA issues I would be 
willing to discuss relatively dispassionately.

        However, if you're going to get into MTA religious discussions, I 
would suggest that people take a long hard look at Postfix instead.

        Of course, none of these sorts of discussions are really relevant 
to -current, or for that matter, relevant to any other 
FreeBSD-related mailing list of which I am aware.

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