> Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Nate Williams)
> > > "Accidental" removals from the lists are so common that I give up.  I no
> > > longer even try to get back on them -- it's been happening for _years_ now,
> > > and I have made multiple complaints about it, and if it's not a problem for
> > > whoever runs the mailing lists, then I just don't care that much.
> > 
> >     only one comment.   i remove people from the lists whenever
> > their email bounces.
> How long do you wait to determine 'bounced' email?  I've bounced mail to
> hotmail recently, and it wasn't hotmail accounts problem.  (No comments
> from the peanut gallery, it's an easy way for our folks on the road to
> get email simply.. :)

        when the MTA gives up trying to deliver the mail, i call it
bounced.  so a 500 series error from the other MTA means the email has

> > the threshhold is approximately 30 messages in a
> > 24 hour period. 
> Or 5 minutes worth of emai on -hackers. :)
> > mail may bounce due to DNS problems, mail box full,
> > MTA misconfiguration.  i also remove people that send vacation
> > messages to the list.  oh, and spammers.
> How do you cause 'vacation' to not send messages to the list?  Doesn't
> the stock 'vacation' program as shipped in FreeBSD send them to the
> list?

        dont know.....if i see them, i unsubscribe the person.


> Some of the people (who apparently have problems) didn't even know they
> had problems....
> Even so, do you have a copy of said scripts?  Given that -arch and
> -security are not allowed to use the 'which' command, do they simply
> re-subscribe themselves on a weekly basis 'just in case'?

        no i dont....people have said that they use them....but its
like my baseball coach said to me when i asked if i could steal second
base: "okay, but dont get caught!"

> Inquiring minds would like to know...
> Even a simple way of finding out (obviously not via email) *IF* I had
> been subscribed would be great.  A 'unsubscribed' mailing list that I
> could run 'which' on that would tell me which lists I'm no longer on,
> however I can imagine that would be a lot of work.

        tried that....in majordomo its called the bounces list.
remove people from teh regular list and subscribe them to bounces,
then they get a note every week telling them about it.....no one every
unsubscribed from bounces and ressubscribed to teh regular list.  i
ended up having to explain it to people.  excessive overhead.


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