Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 9:23 PM +0200 1999/10/12, Andre Oppermann wrote:
> > I know some guys with list's in the three digit k to one digit M range
> > which don't have to deal with bounces at any time. I know it's hard
> > to believe but it's true and I can provide you with names where one
> > can ask for confirmation.
>         And Bryan Costales & Eric Allman have hacked sendmail to support
> VERPs, and last I heard InfoBeat was handling on the order of several
> million customers per day.  Of course, they're doing an e-mail merge
> operation so that each recipient gets a unique message, but that
> would just put an even heavier load on the system than a mailing list
> the same size.

That is just how VERP works, every email is unique (at least the
return-path). They must be crazy to run a several million recipients
mailing list with sendmail... Do you remember the time when the
FreeBSD lists were driven by sendmail? The lists were lagging several
hours behind. And I don't think we have high two or three digit k
subscribers on a single list. Maybe JMB can shed some light on how
many people are subscribed to the lists (just ranges).

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