Ben Smithurst wrote...
> Jonathan M. Bresler wrote:
> >     i do NOT send the person mail to inform them that the are
> > being removed from the mailing lists, because their email is bouncing.
> How about sending a message to them once every 24 hours for, say,
> a week? I imagine some of those bounces are due to temporary
> mis-configurations which will soon be fixed.

I dunno what jmb's general experience is, but my experience from the 15 or
so lists that I manage is that most bounces are from people who switch
ISPs, etc., and don't unsubscribe.  (Quota violations are another popular
cause nowadays.)

It generally isn't worth the effort to send mail informing them of the fact
that they've been unsubscribed, since it'll almost always keep bouncing.
They'll figure it out when they stop getting mail, if they care about the

Things might be different, of course, for the FreeBSD lists since people
on these lists are generally much more clueful.

Kenneth Merry

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