> "Rodney W. Grimes" wrote:
> > 
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> > > > "Accidental" removals from the lists are so common that I give up.  I no
> > > > longer even try to get back on them -- it's been happening for _years_ now,
> > > > and I have made multiple complaints about it, and if it's not a problem for
> > > > whoever runs the mailing lists, then I just don't care that much.
> > >
> > >       only one comment.   i remove people from the lists whenever
> > > their email bounces.  the threshhold is approximately 30 messages in a
> > > 24 hour period.   mail may bounce due to DNS problems, mail box full,
> > > MTA misconfiguration.  i also remove people that send vacation
> > > messages to the list.  oh, and spammers.
> > 
> > Perhaps these threshholds could use some minor adjustments, or perhaps
> > my interpretation of the above policy is not quite what really happens.
>       Having been in a situation similar to Jonathan's (managing a large
> site, many lists, thousands of users) I can only say that it's hard to
> appreciate the difficulty of the task without experiencing it. I think
> he does a fine job, extending people more patience than I used to. :) 

And just who did you think passed the hat onto JMB?  

He is doing an outstanding job of postmaster, but it seems we have a
small problem that perhaps can easily be fixed by some minor adjustments,
perhaps not.

The biggest part of my response was an attempt to more fully
understand his current ``policy'', in that the original statements
about it where lacking in detail.

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