> > > 
> > > "Accidental" removals from the lists are so common that I give up.  I no
> > > longer even try to get back on them -- it's been happening for _years_ now,
> > > and I have made multiple complaints about it, and if it's not a problem for
> > > whoever runs the mailing lists, then I just don't care that much.
> > 
> >     only one comment.   i remove people from the lists whenever
> > their email bounces.  the threshhold is approximately 30 messages in a
> > 24 hour period.   mail may bounce due to DNS problems, mail box full,
> > MTA misconfiguration.  i also remove people that send vacation
> > messages to the list.  oh, and spammers.
> Perhaps these threshholds could use some minor adjustments, or perhaps
> my interpretation of the above policy is not quite what really happens.
> a)  I don't think message count should be considered at all, as the this
>     is highly dependent on the list one is on, and the current rate of
>     messages going to it.  As Nate pointed out 30 messages could be as
>     short as 5 minutes on -hackers.  And in my hay day of being on all
>     lists it would have defanitly been in the 5 minute range almost any
>     time of the day.

        i said "approximately" because i do take into account the
number of lists subscribe and the nature of the lists.  an it gives me
some wiggle room.  

> b)  The 24 hour time period is a bit on the short time, unless the messages
>     are bouncing for being in the queue for at least 48 hours.  Many mail
>     configuration screw ups happen on a friday night, and may not get
>     noticed until monday morning.  Thus a 72 hour window is more reasonable
>     for that type of mail problem.

        a message may remain in the queue for days....these are not
bounces...these are queued emails.  i dont count queued emails, but if
i can reach your mail server and it give me back a series 500, thats a
bounce.  YOU, or your isp, controls this.   so if our config if
f*cked, go off the air (not a bounce..at least for several days) and
fix it.  dont leave a f*cked up mail server on the net while that
server gives out series 500 responses.  avoid 500 series unless you
mean ;)   a 500 series means "go away, and dont come back!"

            5yz   Permanent Negative Completion reply

               The command was not accepted and the requested action did
               not occur.  The sender-SMTP is discouraged from repeating
               the exact request (in the same sequence).  Even some
               "permanent" error conditions can be corrected, so the
               human user may want to direct the sender-SMTP to
               reinitiate the command sequence by direct action at some
               point in the future (e.g., after the spelling has been
               changed, or the user has altered the account status).

> > 
> >     i do NOT send the person mail to inform them that the are
> > being removed from the mailing lists, because their email is bouncing.
> :-).  Though I understand your reasoning, it really depends on for what
> reason they are bouncing.  If it is queue time outs sending a message
> may just get to them, if they happen to get it fixed before the notice
> gets timed out and bounced.  Infact that would be a really good threshold
> for removal due to mail bouncing due to queue timeout.  In the case of
> immediate bounce due to mis configuration your current policy is probably
> the best policy.
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