In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> you write:
>You have no way of knowing whether inbound mail to you has bounced, or
>not. Why are you so adamant that mail has not bounced?

Becuse I get lots of email, because I check it constantly, because any of a
half dozen sources for it bouncing would result in my being notified on
another system, because my secondary MX server has better network connectivity
than the freebsd systems, because the only one who has ever made any
accusations about bouncing mail has been jmb and he hasn't been able to
provide any proof?

>To those who _have_ experienced problems, remember this is a volunteer
>effort. Would you flame someone on a public list if you found a bug
>in the code they had contributed?

If, after *FIVE YEARS* it hadn't been fixed, yes.

That's how long this has been going on.

Five years of people finding themselves mysteriously removed from lists, with
no response other than, "Oh, I just remove people automatically without
warning if I get too many bounces, and, no, I don't have any bounces from you
but that must have been what happened."

Except for one time when he admitted that he accidentally removed a bunch of
people when editing a file by hand.

Whatever method he is using is not working very well, and it has not worked
very well for a very long time.

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