Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> What about a new login-class capability specifying the maximum
> percentage of CPU time a class of users can utilize? With standard
> class having 90% (or 95%)? The machine would appear (to most of
> the users) as if it had 10% slower CPU, with the remaining usable
> by the root-class. This way, if the CPU consumption by system is
> 30%, the most CPU time the standard users can get is 60%.
> Trusted users can be placed into a different class, of course.
> Plausible?

I like this, but the problem with that fork bomb program still exists.
It was afterall system cpu that was doing all the work, not the users

I can however see how this could be useful for even myself.   People who
want to run eggdrops can have 40% cpu max on my shell server ;)

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