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Doug Barton<do...@freebsd.org>  writes:

My reason is simple, performance. While doing some portmaster work
recently I was regression testing some changes I made to the --index*
options and noticed that things were dramatically slower than the last
time I tested those features. Thinking that I had made a programming
mistake I dug into my code, and while the regexps that I was using could
be tuned for slightly better performance the problem was not in my code.
I then installed textproc/gnugrep to compare, and the differences were
very dramatic using a highly pessimized test case (finding a match on
the last line of INDEX). The script I used to test is at
http://people.freebsd.org/~dougb/grep-time-trial.sh.txt and a typical
result was:

GNU grep
Elapsed time: 2 seconds

BSD grep
Elapsed time: 47 seconds
Why not allow people to use grep(1) from ports in portmaster, e.g. by
not overriding user-specified PATH?
It would be a working solution but having seen the performance issue, it may also cause troubles elsewhere.

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